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Well served on the perfect utensils your daily food oft stimulates your appetite. But do you ever think that the food that you consume will affect your daily life in the long run? Food that we consume will create a chain of processes that gives impact to our body, either it will make us healthier or it will cause our organ to suffer. With a modern farming industry, there are a lot of choices for us to choose our daily food consumption. The question is whether the food that we consume, meet an adequate nutrition that is needed by our body. New generated cells that replace the old one in our body, need a healthy food with an adequate nutrition. The  new generated cells are the one who are going to act as bricks to build your organ. Balancing your diet is a good start to achieve your goal to live healthy. Do you care of your body? When you say, "I want to be healthy", there must be an action too.


Organic food, why should we choose organic food? Is it good for our health? Chemical industry are growing rapidly and we have to admit that without it, farming industry will not be able to achieve today’s food production. Food that has been digested in our body, will be broken down and carried by blood to all part of our body. When the food that we consume contains hazardous chemical product, it will travel to all or our body too and for sure it will damage our organs. Therefore eating organically grown foods are a way to avoid hazardous chemical poison travel around our body.


Beside it’s profit to our body, organic food farming gives a lot of benefits to the soil. The restriction of using the pesticides as well as another hazardous chemical will preserve the ecological balance and of course by preserving it, we are doing a great job to our descendant’s future.  Do you want to be part on it? Let us change our lifestyle and be part of building better future for them.

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    Asdasess sssde 06/16/2016

    super healthy! good

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